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Tips on Valuing Your Charitable Donations to Surplus Exchange

75% of the fossil fuels and energy used by a computer are actually consumed during manufacturing. When you recycle your computer with Surplus Exchange, we will try to refurbish it. This is why, we believe being sustainable is good for everybody. When you recycle your e-waste with us, you are helping give a person with…

Free Recycling in Overland Park!

Just in time for Black Friday—while Americans flock to buy new consumer electronics, Surplus Exchange has a plan for the old and unwanted products. We now offer year round free electronics recycling at our Overland Park Recycling Drop-Off Center! Surplus Exchange, Kansas City’s first Certified e-Steward, has set up a permanent drop-off container at the…

Why Recycle with Surplus Exchange?

This Friday is America Recycles day. Here at Surplus Exchange, we are excited to celebrate! If you bring us your e-waste to recycle this week, we’ll give you 10% off your ENTIRE furniture and electronics purchase. While America Recycles Day is a great time to recycle your e-waste, you don’t have to wait to recycle….

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