Data Security is more important today then ever, yet it is often neglected when disposing of electronic equipment. Data storage devices that enter our custody are handled with the utmost care to ensure date security.

Data destruction within our facility is monitored via closed circuit TV 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are a microsoft refurbisher certified.

Are you looking for a reliable refurbished computer, or office furniture for a great value then you need to check out our vast supply of office equipment in our warehouse that could save you a bundle.

We have an online store for you to browse if you are looking for a  certain item and will be monitoring and updating on an ongoing basis.

Enjoy Shopping!

If you’re searching for reliable refurbished computer, or simply a reliable place for repairs and upgrades, the KC Tech Shop at Surplus Exchange should be your first stop.

We a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and e-Stewards Certified, we have experienced computer technicians to handle your computer needs, including a host of data services.    Surplus Exchange is here to help!

Why Recycle With Surplus Exchange

The Surplus Exchange (TSE) has been recycling in the Kansas City area for more than 25 years. We maintain a zero landfill policy with zero export of equipment to Third-World Countries.

Because re-use is the most environmentally friendly form of recycling, all equipment received by TSE is audited by our technicians to discern remaining value for refurbishment or remarketing (unless the client requests otherwise). If re-marketable value exists, the items enter our reuse system and will either be available for purchase at our location, or will be donated to a local area non-profit in neec.

TSE is the first company in Missouri (or Kansas) to achieve e-Steward certification. This standard is set by the Basel Action Network, the world’s only organization focused on confronting the global environmental injustice of toxic trade and its devastating impacts.

Community Recycling

Because Surplus Exchange is always looking for new ways to expand our recycling efforts, we’ll always entertain your ideas about setting up an event in your area for your association, community, local government or neighborhood. We would ask for the following:

A workable location like a large parking lot; a space large enough to accommodate our 25-foot box trucks or a full-size semi trailer, room for sorting and palletizing, and a proper traffic flow.
We always accept volunteers if available to help collect donation items.

Recycling is a responsible effective way of disposing of unneeded, excess or obsolete equipment and keeps our environment safe for us all.

For more details or if you have any questions,

please call us at 816-472-0444,

or email, 

Latest News

Join Us at the Chiefs – Cardinals game on November 11th!
Surplus Exchange in partnership with the Kansas City Chiefs are offering upper level tickets at $33.50 Got o enter promo code SUPLUSEXCHANGE at check out See you there!

Donations Link ACTIVE!
To Our Valued Supporters: The Pay Pal Donations Link is now ACTIVE on our web page. Your donations maybe tax deductible. Your donations go to help us further our reach within the community by supporting other non-profit efforts, creating jobs for job skills training programs, and of course helping keep E-Waste out of teh enviroment….

Due to China Import Ban Surplus Exchange forced to implement Modest Price Structure
To our much valued patrons, corporate, and community partners, China recently placed a ban on recycle materials that has severely impacted where Surplus Exchange generated much of it’s operating income. Since our inception in 1985 our mission has been to keep electronic wastes our of our landfills and provide an avenue for re-use and low…

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Several people have asked us what kind of printer is “better”; however, it really just
depends on what you’re looking for.

Ink jet printers tend to be less of an investment up front; however, it’s not the printer, itself, that printer companies are making money  on. The real money maker is the ink. Ink is a liquid, and, as we all know, liquid can dry out. This processes can take a couple of weeks or a month; however, after it dries out, the consumer is left to spend another $60 for new ink cartridges,  This can make the cost to print per-page increase dramatically.

Laser printers, on the other hand, use toner. Toner is full of plastic micro pellets. These plastic pellets
never dry out or go bad; therefore, you get maximal use out each toner cartridge. While it’s nice that they don’t need to be replaced very often, toner cartridges can get pricey, depending on where you buy them.

The consensus at Surplus Exchange is that  laser printers are the way to go, if you’re printing mostly back and white. They’re more cost effective and less of a hassle. Currently,we have some really inexpensive, lightly used HP laser printers. Come down and see what you think!

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